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Spectacle Lens

Love your lenses

When you know that you need new eyewear, many people spend most of their time choosing their frames and hardly give a second thought to their lenses.


Whilst the frames are undoubtedly important, the lenses are perhaps even more so. After all, they’ll be the key to improving your vision!


When it comes to selecting new lenses for your eyewear, you can trust our expertise and experience in selecting the best options for you.

finding your lenses

Varifocal lens specialists

Do you constantly take your glasses on and off to see things at different distances? If this sounds familiar then we can help!


If you are aged over 40 and have noticed symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, difficulty reading in low light and eye strain, then it could be possible that you have a condition known as Presbyopia. 


Your prescription will differ from the next person’s. Even if it’s tempting to reach for a pair of generic spectacles off the shelf, it is unlikely that you will see perfectly with them.


Evington Eyecare are specialists in fitting varifocal lenses. We tailor these lenses to your requirements, the shape of your eye and your choice of eyewear frame so you can enjoy your best visual experience.

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If you’ve got a question, we’re always happy to help.

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