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Hearing tests in Leicester

Many people, of all ages, experience hearing loss. When it happens it can have a hugely detrimental impact on quality of life. Things which were easy or enjoyable, suddenly become more challenging.


A hearing test can get to the bottom of the problem, and then offer a solution. The experienced and professional team at Evington Eyecare offer comprehensive hearing protection, and it all begins with a hearing test.

Located on Downing Drive, with free parking and a bus stop outside, our comfortable practice is a convenient place to have your hearing tested.


Our professional, experienced and empathetic team will ensure you're treated with the highest standard of care and consideration.

Complimentary hearing assessments in Evington

Thank you. Our audiologist will respond to arrange an appointment.

Wax removal in Leicester

A build-up of wax in the ear canal can lead to hearing loss. At Evington Eyecare, our ear wax removal service, can help you regain better hearing. If you find you're prone to excess ear wax, or wear a hearing aid, an annual appointment can make a real difference to your quality of life.

Meet Audiologist

Your Audiologist at Evington Eyecare

Gavin Wynne audiologist

Gavin Wynne

Gavin qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2004. He has worked for a few national companies and independent practices dispensing both private and NHS hearing aids. Gavin always gives his best advice and aims to dispense the best hearing system for his patients.
Health & Personal
Gavin is married with four children and two dogs. He enjoys spending time with family, walking the dogs, cooking and occasionally gets to go out for a drive in his classic car (weather dependent of course).

Why book a free hearing test?

There's no need to suffer in silence with hearing loss. Whether you're finding talking to friends and family a challenge, struggle to hear the TV or make phone calls, then a hearing test might be in order.

A free hearing test at Evington Eyecare can make a dramatic difference to your quality of life. Our experienced and empathetic hearing care professional, Gavin Wynne, who has been qualified since 2004, will be able to identify any problems, and suggest possible ways forward.

Should you need a hearing aid, the professional team at Evington Eyecare can help you find the right option. With lifetime aftercare and up to a 5-year warranty, a hearing aid from Evington Eyecare comes with added peace of mind. With invisible and rechargeable options available, you're sure to find something for you within our range.

Our hearing care services include:

  • Free hearing assessments

  • Earwax removal

  • Hearing devices

  • Tinnitus management

  • Live demonstrations

  • Full aftercare service

  • Repairs and servicing

  • Home visits

Customer reviews

Hear from some of our happy customers...

"The hearing aids are unnoticeable and the quality of hearing is so much better than with any of the hearing aids I’ve had before – in all environments.  I am delighted with them."


"Just like to say how pleased I am with the service and the quality of the product recommended, all working very well, plus the cost was 20% cheaper than the device recommended by another independent supplier."

Ian Tidey

"Having just returned from my first ”check-up” following the fitting of my new hearing aids about a month ago I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me."

Mrs J M Batten

Want to know more?

Or if you’ve got a question about our hearing care service or you would like to book a free hearing consultation, we’re always happy to help.

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